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At Answering Cleveland we offer a full range of specialized services that can be customized to meet your needs. We have the most effective, unique, state of the art technology in the area and welcome the opportunity to prove it to you.

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Whether employed 24/7/365 or just when your office is unavailable, the use of an answering service can help keep you organized!


Our newest and most exciting feature is miSecureMessaging service. With the use of miSecureMessaging, communications through text and SMS are no longer needed. Your business professionals can receive encrypted messages immediately to their mobile devices using 3G, 4G and/or Wi-Fi while abiding by HIPAA standards. ... Read More

Absentee / Call Off Reporting:

Our Absentee / Call Off Reporting Answering Service will ensure that your employees will be able to reach a live person to properly record and document their absences during any life situation that may occur 24/7/365. Answering Cleveland will work with you to customize an employee absentee reporting line that will accurately record all of the necessary information required by your individual company and/or union policies and procedures. ... Read More

Voice Logger:

Software used internally to record every call on our messaging system. Management reviews these recordings for quality assurance. A copy of this .wav file can be emailed to you for a minimal charge.

Web Access:

Our agents can access a web site you designate. Our agent will fill out the form(s) for your callers.


We can store a list of people and their contact information in our system. You can update the list with a simple Excel spreadsheet. The list can contain items such as names, store numbers, addresses, and phone numbers.

Caller ID:

We can program our system to automatically capture the caller ID number from where the call originated, and insert that number in the message ticket as well as the call back number.

Day/Night Behavior:

You can provide different greetings and agent instructions based upon the time of day.

Custom Greetings:

Our automated attendant can record a special greeting that all of your callers will hear before our agent answers the call. The system can route the calls to a voice mailbox or answer general information calls (office hours, company info), all without our agent's involvement. The caller can always reach an agent if the automated attendant can't help them or immediate service is needed.

Web On Call:

You can easily update your on call schedules via the web. Any changes made are immediately available to our agent. Web On Call is provided at no charge.


Many computer systems can automatically email you in the event of a problem. We can receive that email on your account and dispatch to your staff immediately.

Voice Mail:

Our system provides more capabilities than the phone company. Call us with your requirements.

Remote Office Line:

Used in conjunction with directory services, we can act as your company operator.


We can send the same message to multiple cell phone or pager devices (restrictions apply).

Call Forwarding Verification:

Our office sets an automatic reminder to call and double check that your office staff forwarded the phones properly. If this has not been done, we keep trying to reach personnel until they are made aware.

E-mail Conversion To messages:

We can receive your e-mails and dispatch them according to your instructions. We can also configure these e-mails into messages.

Multiple Call Processing:

More than one operator is able to answer your calls at any given time.


Any account may be designed with various "mini accounts" that specialize in call handling for a particular area or person of your business.

Website Order Processing:

Our system is capable of processing sales or data entries. This is accomplished by what we call a "web pop."

Reminder Pages:

If you want us to remind you of an important date, tell us ahead of time and we will give you a reminder call!

Trouble Ticket # Generation:

Our system can assign your calls with ticket numbers in case you want to refer back to them for liability or confirmation purposes. We can also do this for confirmation numbers.

Help Desk:

Our agents specialize in acting as a contact center for all types of businesses and situations. Whether you are looking for
I.T. help desk dispatching or technical support for a software company, our professionals are fully trained.

Overflow Call Answering:

If you like answering your own phones but find you cannot get to all calls, we can act as your overflow center for when you are too busy!

SMS(Short Messaging Service.):

This service gives us the capability to text message any cellular phone at any time. From Revol to Verizon, we control our texting service in-house. This software eliminates any modem problems often encountered with nationwide carriers.

Translation Services:

Translation to over 170 different languages!

By using our skilled, professional answering service, your customers (existing and new) can feel that they are a fundamental part of your business. Whether you are an owner or manager, the use of Answering Cleveland, Inc. can help your provide your customers with the quality customer service they deserve.


To obtain a free consultation, custom quote

and further sales information

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216-621-1878 / 800-622-1878